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For perfect dinner parties and home cooking,you can hire a British personal chef,to cook for you in your own kitchen.

I travel and cook all over England and Europe to fulfill the culinary needs of clients of all types.

Its easy to find a Personal Chef in the UK today. I was the first here in 1994 and have been madly promoting the profession ever since.

Previously a caterer and restaurant owner for many years. Then my husband and myself spent years in private service as Chef and Butler.
We once owned a very famous delicatessen and cheese purveyors selling home made gourmet foods specifically for home and business entertaining.
I started Personal Chef UK Ltd, specifically to cater for the needs of our growing clientelle.

There were many companies doing outside catering and in home catering but few would take on the smaller catered dinner party or buffet, and certainly few who work bespoke to the clients wishes..

there used to be executive chefs who cooked exeutive lunches and many 'ladies who cooked' who would poach a salmon for your evening of home entertainment.
The Cordon Bleu chef began to make headway in the late 70's when schools such as Lieth's and Cordon Bleu had their heyday.

Today the English Personal Chef is beginning to make headway in all areas of the UK.

Please don't think all personal chefs are the same. I have trained a good number and have been approached by thousands. Most will never make the grade because this is a very special industry.
Skills that cannot be learned in restaurant kitchens are the most problematical when trying to train and launch a new personal chef.

Restaurant Chefs often find it hard to adapt to freezer filling, meal replacement and general family cooking. A good home chef must have had some experience as a Private Chef working in house for a family for at least two years in order to understand the difference between private customers and restaurant clientel.

There is no place for the Ramsey style tantrums or high horse capers when working for private clients..especially when one of the geusts is late and the whole dinner has to be put on hold for an hour, you cannot go chucking client's food in the bin in a rage!

Home Entertaining is making a big comeback. Costwise it is on a par with going out, without all the hassle of driving, parking, babysitters etc and not being able to enjoy a drink with your meal.
Many of my clients make a whole weekend of the event including a chef to cook the evening dinner, Breakfast and A light lunch before clearing up and leaving all spic and span. The chef will even make a wonderful cake or scones for tea and a loaf of bread if you wish.

Themed Dinners have become very popular especially for Hen Nights, Murder Mystery dinners too. Great fun and even more so when the menu is designed to fit the theme,

When you hire a chef you need to be completely confident that you will not be let down or your geusts disapointed. A chef to cook at your home is like a member of your own staff for that day. Making your dinner party extra special with no hassle or worry for you, when you have a regular arrangement your chef becomes like a trusted friend

Whether you book someone as a home cook or a gourmet chef you can be sure that your wishes are adhered to and your kitchen is left like a new pin.

An experienced home chef knows your needs and can understand your instructions. Many Personal Chefs who have had a good number of years experience have more recipes and abilities than the majority of restaurant chefs. Also they can create the dishes in your own kitchen without special equipment or cooking facilities. Any extra special items will be brought by the chef.

The English Personal Chef is a delight to work with. Whatever the style or origine of the menu.

"t is a privilege to be connected with such an inspiration. Fay is wonderful, she rolls up her sleeves and gets on with whatever needs doing, she is open, she is a lady."
Barbara Saul 

Thanking you so very much for all your fantastic work yesterday. We’ve had nothing but positive comments regarding the food and layout. “best barbeque ever”.

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Chef Fay Olinsky
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Many different types of client enjoy
Private and Corporate catering by your own Personal Chef in London and All UK Also Europe. Romantic dinner at home or a celebration meal to remember. Chef and Butler Service for absolute luxury.

A Private Chef to hire by the day, to shop,cook and care for all your culinary requirements. Enjoy a wonderful meal in your own home cooked and served by one of our
teams of Chef and Butler.
Everything is taken care of. All clearing and cleaning is done before we leave.
Any excess food is packed and stored in the freezer for an easy lunch the following day.

You can hire a private chef to be yours for the day or by the week the weekend or longer.

Makes the perfect gift or prize.

We issue Gift Certificates.Treat yourself to a little Luxury
Hire Your Own Private Chef for a Day!
Service includes menu, shopping and kitchen cleanup

Corporate prizes and promotions are a specialty!

Chef Fay Olinsky travels and cooks anywhere in the UK and Europe

Have a wonderful Summer Celebration where you too can enjoy the fun.
Perfect Barbeques
for informal outdoor entertaining.
No mess, no fuss, no work for you.
Just enjoy and take all the compliments...
we work in the background
unless asked to demonstrate cooking techniques (ask about our
in home classes for groups of friends or for a fun hen party
fund raising evening)

The Butler

Chef and Butler evenings are by far the most popular. Our butlers do all tasks not just wait at table...they even empty the rubbish afterwards and fill the clean bin with a new bag.

Knowledgable and polite and willing to serve your needs they make the whole evening effortless for you.

Some clients like to set the table themselves and do all the fancy bits, taking time and not having to worry about the cooking etc.

Others just leave everything to the chef and butler...just make sure you let us know your preferences.

We even have a butler who is a reknowned hairdresser too...great for hen parties and celebration evenings

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Your presence on this mornings BBC News 24 seemed a God Send for the busy people who would love to use their gas hobs occasionally if only for the experience of the heat in the kitchen . It was so refreshing to hear for the first time a professional chef talking straight about results of cooking.
George Gozinzki

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